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Luxury Spa and Yoga Retreat

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Discover a place of daily inspiration to live a healthier and a more harmonious way of life. This retreat is a tranquil getaway, enjoy some relaxing days of pampering and dining amidst the most beautiful tropical forest surroundings. 

Experience different spa treatments and spoil your taste buds with delicious freshly prepared gourmet meals.

The retreat package includes -

3 nights luxurious stay

daily breakfast including healthy vegetable juices, 3 dinner meals.

Plus your schedule of -

daily morning yoga class

Healing spa treatment

Organic facial or organic hair treatment or the Ayurvedic ‘Sirodha’ Oil forehead treatment. 

Enjoy traditional healing massages, refreshing facials, morning yoga to relax the body and evening meditation session to calm the mind to lull you to sleep when you join this wonderful retreat.


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Pande Wayan Gina

Gina is a certified Yoga Anatomy Instructor. He has been living yoga for over ten years and values how it can offer to something to everyone. For Gina, yoga is a moving mediation that keeps the body and mind refreshed. He became a teacher so that he can she that revelation with others and enjoys helping students discover yoga and their own unique path. Gina has built his skill base not only by mastering yoga anatomy, but by also diving into Hatha, Ananda and Yin Yoga.

Ida Bagus Gede Buda Siwantara

Having been born in a Brahman (High Priest) family has made Gus Buda more conscious about spirituality, as well as more knowledgable about the human religion. He practices and teachers Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga and is helping to bring joy and positivity into each guests life through yoga.