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Relax Yoga Retreat, Treehouse Village, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - 4 days
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This village is one of the most eco-friendly resorts in Sri Lanka. It's about feeling and breathing in a rustic experience that touches your soul. This meaningful and enriching yoga retreat helps you escape to the real spirit of Sri Lanka.

Enjoy yoga, meditation and diverse experiences at this venue run on the principle of sustainability, from it's accommodation, food, toiletries to the community integration. All speak to it's commitment to conserve nature and community.

Stay in a mud hut or a hip treehouse, beside the wetlands of a beautiful large lake, not far from the beach and near to the world famous Yala National Park.

Practice different styles of yoga and meditative techniques under the guides of experienced teacher to find out which is yours. Indulge in luxurious full body Ayurveda massages and soul-enriching visits to the Yala Safari park, for the ultimate nature experience.

This 4 day retreat package includes -

Wildlife Safari at Yala National Park

accommodation for 3 nights

full Body Ayurvedic Massage

daily morning & evening Yoga

anti-stress Meditation

delicious locally sourced meals

special breakfast by the lake

bicycle Tour to Lakes and Temple

and free Wifi, a saltwater Pool, natural Toiletries and yoga mats.


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Excursion WiFi Internet Pool All Meals Accommodation Spa Mats Ayurveda Daily Breakfast Massage Meditation Tour Vegetarian Yoga Vegan
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