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Island Discovery Yoga Retreat

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Located on a small, pristine island located in the Phang-Nga Bay between Phuket and Krabi, which was recently voted one of the 6 best destinations in the world to practice yoga by The National Geographic.

The fun and relaxing 4 Day retreat is ideal for travellers who wish to explore the delights of the island while taking a short yoga vacation simultaneously. Attending the retreat is to experience a return to the simple ways of existing in the world.

This retreat has no start date, allowing you to choose any dates that suit you and the freedom to stay as long as you please. Whether you are a dedicated yogi looking to enhance your practice or an absolute beginner seeking a safe environment to begin your yoga journey, everyone is welcome.

The retreat includes -

twice daily yoga, pranayama

Chi Gong, mantras

guided meditations and discourses

The island remains one of the rare gems of South East Asia; an island still largely undiscovered by mainstream tourism with stunning beaches, friendly locals and outstanding natural beauty: it really is the perfect retreat hideaway.


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David Sharpe

Born in the Snowdonia National Park of North Wales, David’s twin passions have always been outdoor adventure and spiritual seeking. In 1987 he created an outdoor oriented school with the emphasis on experiential learning and personal empowerment. Moving to the US in 1996, he continued to impart his unique brand of insight teachings through yoga and personal growth workshops. David has studied yoga, meditation, Chi Gong and sacred chants in India, China, S. E. Asia and Europe.When David is not in the yoga shala, he will probably be found on one of the island’s stunning rock climbing walls. David also hosts the weekly “Yoga-on-the-Rocks” climbing adventures.

Dimitri Miteff

Dimitri is a certified yoga instructor with over 1,000 hours of training in hatha, vinyasa, yin, and calligraphy yoga. His primary masters are Simon Borg Olivier, Anna Forrest, J. Krishamurti, and master Zen Hua Yang. Dimtri draws from a broad range of experiences to create an alignment-based, dynamic Island Yoga class with breath, mindfulness, and self-empowerment as the primary themes. Dimitri specializes in calligraphy yoga – a gentle and flowing combination of yoga and qigong to develop inner power and increase energy (“qi”) production.Dimitri is also a certified shamanic sound therapist with IASH, the International Academy of Sound Healing. He leads Island Yoga’s Shamanic Sound Bath workshops to guide students into deep relaxation so they can receive sound’s deep healing properties.Dimitri is the founder of Integrative Vibrational Therapy, a personalized healing session based on the student’s needs and Dimitri’s shamanic intuition. The sessions utilize a range of various modalities like craniosacral therapy, reiki, pranic healing, yoga, and meditation but the primary healing modality is sound. Sound bowls and gongs are placed around the body and played to shift subtle healing energies.

Roni Miteff

Roni is a certified IAYT yoga therapist with over 1,000 hours in hatha, vinyasa, restorative, and yin yoga. She specializes in yoga therapy and fields such as structural therapeutics, women’s health, Ayurveda, and sound therapy. Roni also holds certificates in myofascial release therapy, Structural Energy Awakening (SEA), and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).As a Tibetan Buddhist refuge, Roni’s Island Yoga classes are rooted in mindfulness and meditation. She’s lived in various Buddhist centers and attended multiple silent retreats and is currently under the guidance of Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche.Roni’s heart-based teachings transpire from her colorful background in arts, music, her yogic evolution, and personal life experiences. She brings an in-depth knowledge, presence, and grace to her Island Yoga classes. She delicately weaves yogic philosophy, therapeutic elements, and biomechanical principles to help her students achieve a mind-body connection.Roni’s skills have further evolved into Yoga & Sacred Sound Journeys which incorporate the use of singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, and other instruments for deep relaxation and emotional clearing. She invites students to approach yoga from a place of curiosity and acceptance through cultivating awareness, presence, wisdom, and compassion.

Antonella Milo

Antonella is a certified yoga instructor passionate about mindful movement, breath, and meditation. The traveling yogini has over 16 years of experience teaching yoga and draws her inspiration for various yoga practices, dance, and tai chi. For the past two years she lived and studied in India. Following Himalayan tradition she trained under Jivana Heyman, the founder of Accessible Yoga. Alongside his guidance she learned in addition to knowledge, compassion, tolerance, and kindness are vital characteristics of a teacher. Currently Antonella has taught in over five countries, Italy, China, and the UK to name a few.Antonella has a power energy and presence while she guides her classes. Her vast cultural yoga experiences gives her classes a traditional yet dynamic form, such as her Hatha Flow class. Today she sees the body as an instrument for mindfulness and self-observation on an external and internal level.Her Island Yoga classes are a slow but fluid form of hatha yoga with a strong focus on breath, pranayama, alignment, and meditation. In addition to yoga, Antonella is an avid meditation practitioner and encourages her students to embrace self-connection.In 2016 Antonella fell in love with Tai Chi and Qi Gong and traveled to China to deepen her understanding under Master Wu Yuping and Wu Heng Dong. She feels privileged to be able to teach sunrise Tai Chi and workshops at Island Yoga.Island Yoga is proud to announce Antonella is one of our guiding teachers in our 200-hr teacher training courses. Alongside Karen Miscall-Bannon, the due knowledgeable help new teachers find their teaching power, voice, and strengths as instructors.