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Sanctuary Spa and Yoga Retreat

Thailand - 4 days
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In order to find clarity and cultivate power, motivation, and creativity you need to find stillness and look inward. Take time out at this truly one-of-a-kind sanctuary which stands apart as an all-inclusive intimate wellness retreat.

Enjoy a simple collection of relaxation methods with a splash of comfort. Experience state-of-the-art audio-guided meditation sessions, easy, enjoyable and beneficial yoga exercises, delicious organic plant-based food, time with like-minded people and traditional Thai massage.

This retreat is offered all year round and the price is inclusive of -

6 yoga classes

3 creative visualization sessions and meditations

3 mindful breathing sessions

Thai or Aroma massage

personal growth workbook, organic vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and juices, and 2 way airport transfers.


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Miguel Kirjon

Born to German-Finnish parents in Colombia and raised in Central America, Miguel combines his artistic talents and all-sensory intuition with decades of experience as a designer, consultant and entrepreneur to bring vitality and innovation to all his projects.Miguel earned his Master Degree of Graphic Design at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland, and served as Art Director at Giger & Partner Design Agency in Zurich. He has applied his creative skills to launch a number of distinctive ventures including restaurants, children’s books and lifestyle magazines. As an independent design consultant and marketing adviser for the Twinpalms Group for 11 years, Miguel has helped to build the Twinpalms brand into one of the most stylish and inventive hospitality businesses in Asia. In January 2018 he founded the yoga retreat center in Chiang Mai.“Having spent many years in the hospitality industry designing, branding and creating unique and memorable guest experiences I knew that I could literally create a place of stillness, warmth and safety. A sanctuary where nothing is expected of you, where relaxing and letting time pass are your only priorities. A place where you can discover and learn about your inner world, your desires and your way forward.”

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