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Mind Treasured Retreat

Thailand - 4 days
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A quiet, peaceful, and exclusive escape in the amazing Phang Nga bay, boasting a 10km-long strip of unspoilt beach perfect for a relaxing and laid-back holiday.

Join this 4-day retreat, a uniquely tailored holistic retreat package inclusive of yoga, meditation, healing spa treatments and a healthy culinary program. The program follows a simple schedule each day beginning with yoga, meditation and breakfast. This is followed by a healing spa treatment along with a healthy culinary lunch. In the late afternoon, another session of yoga and meditation. 

This retreat is specially designed for those who seek a superior wellness experience. This program will help you take care of your health by using nature to heal your body, mind and soul. The treatments combine knowledge of old Thai Holistic Medicine with analysis of the 4 life elements.

During this retreat, you will undergo mind purification sessions which reduce stress and anxiety. Body Rejuvenation is a spa program for relaxation and Health Balance with nutritious meals that suit your specific needs. This combination offers a truly holistic means of discovering health, wellness and balance. 

The retreat package includes 

your luxury accommodation



healing spa treatments 

and all spa cuisine meals. 

Prepare for four days of deep bliss and emerge with a radiant glow that lasts long after you leave this slice of paradise.


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