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Surf & Yoga Retreat

Morocco - 30 days
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From beginner's lessons that will show you how to stand up on your board, beach culture and safety, to intermediate lessons that will show you how to pick the best waves yourself, timing and take-off, you're guaranteed to have a swell time learning how to ride the waves with your own instructor.

Your yoga lessons will take you to acquiring the presence of mind necessary in order to become one with the waves, the positions you need to do to fully immerse yourself with your own body, and finally cultivating the inner peace that you need among the sand and surf.

Apart from your yoga lessons, this package includes airport transfers to and from your sea view accommodation (meals included.)

All the equipment is also included like your board, wetsuit and leash, as well as daily surf lessons that go in-depth into your technique. Transport to and from the best surfing spots in the area are also provided.

The retreat includes hands on-coaching, photos and video analysis of your performance at the end of each day to point out definite areas of improvement that you can use for the sessions the day after!

And if you want to stay on dry land, trips are also offered to nearby Imsouane and Paradise Valley for a day, along with photos documenting your entire stay.


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