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Ayurvedic Women’s Wellness

India - 15 days
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Discover the perfect place to experience a vacation designed for all women travellers, whether in groups or alone. Based on the findings of a team of healers, you will be suggested a line of treatments, dietary options and exercise routines.

The spa sessions, Ayurveda therapies, yoga and meditation all come together to help you achieve that inner balance.

Experiencing a safe and wholesome experience is the main focus of this program. The perfect relaxation from building stress and anxiety disorders that come with the hectic city life.

While it offers all forms of traditional therapies and modern treatments to its guests, the Vedic retreat doesn't just heal the existing disorders but rather provides a harmonious lifestyle.

Yoga is a significant aspect of Vedic philosophy that reiterates the power of self-healing via connecting with one's mind and body at a deeper level.

The retreat fee includes air-conditioned accommodation, three (3) consultations with in-house doctors, three (3) daily meals as per individual diet plan, daily yoga & meditation sessions, Ayurveda treatments and the medicines used.


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