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Fivelements Rejuvenation Retreat

Bali - 15 days
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Take the time to replenish yourself during this 15 day healing retreat focusing on regeneration, replenishment, and alignment. Here, holistic Balinese-inspired therapies are embraced, and are administered by traditional Balinese healers using ancient wisdoms passed down through direct lineage.

These are rituals for your purification, balancing, and regeneration. Combined with these traditional therapies is delicious and healing raw living cuisine and transformative Sacred Arts programs for inner strength, alignment and dedication.

This retreat is a signature program that comprises a holistic integrative approach designed to tune into your unique physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing to offer the best ways for healing on deep and profound levels.

The retreat package includes 14 nights accommodations in one of the exclusive riverside suites and gourmet healing cuisine meals.

Plus your schedule of -

wellness consultation

Balinese blessing ceremonies

4 healing massages

4 healing energy sessions

2 water healing sessions

therapy combinations

5 yoga and meditation sessions

2 sacred arts sessions

3 embracing change/mindfulness

reflexology treatment

4 beauty rituals

2 healing journeys

and airport transfers.


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