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Ayurveda Joint & Bone Wellness

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Joints receive wear and tear every day. Generally it can go unnoticed, until symptomatic changes occur. External herbal treatments balanced with internal herbal remedies are the core focus of this one of a kind program to provide remedy.

Mild stretches with body weight and supports through gentle yoga is enjoyed each day. Delicious healthy balancing meals ensure the body is not inflamed or agitated, but rather given ingredients and combinations to feel deeply supported.

This boutique, adults-only resort offers a tranquil atmosphere of healing, with beautifully appointed luxury villas spread throughout tropical gardens. The retreat includes your luxury accommodation for 14 nights, full board healthy meals and 2 hours daily yoga and meditation sessions.

Plus your schedule of -

Soothing back massage

Leaf Pouch Therapy

Ayurvedic Joint Therapy

Third Eye Oil Stream

Medicated Oil Massage

Ayurvedic Back Massage

Herbal Warm Wrap Therapy

Ayurvedic Face Massage

Colon Cleanses


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