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Sustainable Weight Management

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Discover this scientific yet holistic and balanced approach towards evaluating the pre-disposed dietary and lifestyle components of your unique body type.

This is achieved by combining conventional analysis with Ayurveda to eliminate Ama (toxins), correct your metabolism, promote absorption of core essential micro-macro nutrients with unique culinary practices, and cherish sustainability through yoga and meditation therapies.

Each day of your retreat focuses on your well-being and integrates the ancient philosophic, spiritual and artistic wisdom of South Asia with modern international practices.

The Weight Management prorgam includes a weight-management herbal supplement set, three nutritional consultations, two Yogic consultations, one iridology analysis, fourteen of your choice in weight-management massages, one hydro colon cleansing session, fourteen personalised yogic sessions, four medicated Ayurveda Vasthy, two Panchkosha balancing reflexology sessions.

And ten infrared detoxifying sauna sessions, two acupuncture sessions, two cupping therapies, four outings, four Ayurveda cooking lessons, fourteen personalised fitness training sessions and a take-home advice kit.

The program includes accommodation in private villa with a deck and outdoor shower, three healthy meals that reflect your daily dietary needs and preferences, a private consultation with the team of wellness professionals.

Plus your daily yoga and meditation sessions, your choice of wellness activities such as trekking, nature walks, pottery, etc. and access to hydrothermal pavilion, yoga pavilion, main spa pool and relaxation center.


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