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Detox Master Cleanse

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Immersed in traditional naturopathic principles alongside modern cleansing sciences, the Master Cleanse affords you prime cellular detoxification of body, mind and soul.

This program puts you through treatments that promote effective detoxification, ranging from the Hot Stone Massage, to the art of open colon hydrotherapy and to providing you with the specialized Taoist organ massage treatments, which has become the benchmark for detoxification.

The Detox menu involves body cleansing as a gradual process of transition from solid foods to a liquid diet, ensuring gradual adaptation for the body to the recommended diet.

The Master Cleanse retreat facilitates the cleansing of your emotional knots, declutters the mind, while leading you to experience the benefits of improved sleep, increased immunity and permit your body to self-heal.

The retreat package includes individual wellness consultation, body composition analysis, postural assessment, yogic kriyas, daily fitness and leisure activities, and unlimited use of water therapy suites.

This 14-night package also includes -

14 nights accommodation

14 days of wellness/spa cuisine

14 Daily Inclusions (Choose from an Aromatherapy Massage/ ‘Arm & a Leg’ Recovery/ Destress Head & Spine Massage/ Foot Reflexology/ Invigorating Massage/ Vedic Spice Massage)

Body wrap

manual Lymphatic Drainage

3 organ massages

fat enema

3 colon hydrotherapies

2 personal yoga sessions

2 detoxifying baths

personal training

private stretch session

Pranic healing, scan & cleanse

holistic facial

postural integration

cupping and moxibustion

Ayurvedic face mask

and body scrub


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