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Villa Yoga Retreat nr Galle, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - 14 days
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In this 14-day retreat, enjoy ample time to breathe in the natural beauty oft the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

This villa is a serene sanctuary of yoga retreats and Ayurvedic healing, as well as surfing and cooking classes for those seeking to make the most of this authentic venue.

The yoga class schedule is malleable to your liking with morning and afternoon classes on offer, which means you may come and go as you please, and experience the beauty of Sri Lanka firsthand with different paths to explore.

For adventure seekers, venture out on historical and nature-infused trips to satisfy your wanderlust and curiosity. You can also have a marvelous time on the beach, as you read, sleep, or watch the local wildlife. For those with relaxation and reflection in mind, the sprawling villa is a perfect setting for meditation, spiritual walks and enjoyable activities such as swimming, jogging and simply walking in Nature.

In this sanctuary, break free from the stress of daily life, feel relaxed with sounds of the ocean and nature, and leave Sri Lanka feeling refreshed and balanced.

This two week package includes

accommodation in the villa

meals on half board basis

twice daily yoga sessions

and access to a library of popular reference books, a video/DVD collection, and free Wi-Fi.


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Pleuni van Hulten

As a dancer and choreographer, Pleuni discovered yoga early in her life. She graduated at the Academy of Arts and completed her yoga teacher training in Thailand with Still Flowing Yoga. After 2 years of teaching at her own yoga school in the Netherlands, she decided to leave everything behind and live a life of travel. Ever since, she has been teaching vinyasa, yin yoga and dance classes, workshops and retreats all over the world. Pleuni teaches hands-on to help her students deepen, stabilize, align or perform each pose with ease. Coming from a background in modern dance, she sees her own yoga practice as one flowing movement sequence, rather than separate postures. The transitions from one posture to another are as important as the postures themselves. Her dynamic classes contain asana, pranayama and meditation, creating a total experience. Sound, light, scent and surroundings: all are important and help students start their journey inwards.

Jordan Katz

Jordan first experienced the wonder of yoga when her mother took her to a Kirtan class at the age of 9 in her hometown of Santa Monica, CA. The power of music and mantra has been a constant for her since moving to New York. It was during her freshmen year that she developed a daily practice as it kept her grounded and focused while adjusting to the city. Jordan is a 500 RYT and loves to blend her classes with ecstatic flow, attention to alignment, a popping playlist, spiritual guidance, and her SoCal mellowness to make for a fun and exciting yoga practice. She is also the founder of a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for girls’ education both locally and abroad through yoga.

Elena Buchina

Elena Buchina is a teacher of YOGA23 system, a modern interpretation of classical hatha yoga. It is a method developed by Ukrainian Master Andrei Siderski and his students wherein the the most effective exercises from yogi gymnastics, martial arts and freediving are combined. The YOGA23 system is suitable for people of any age, state of body, mentality, and ideology. It allows to quickly prepare a person for more complex and profound practices. As a result, the body becomes flexible, strong and hardy, while the mind—calm and stable.The system is not only a therapeutic method for the body but it also helps to achieve specific goals "outside the mat" and directly into ordinary life. YOGA23 system is a self-development method which helps you to become true.

Fernando Martinez

Fernando Martinez has been into yoga for the last 14 years. It was not until he detached from his previous projects in 2007 that he had the opportunity to come to India to get his first certification on the subject. Although he has been practicing Vinyasa his whole life, he decided to get into the anatomical process of yoga through the Iyengar approach in Rishikesh Yogpeeth After preparing, he came back to Mexico to take another 8-month Hatha yoga certification course to start teaching in some of the most notorious yoga shalas of the city.

Alyona Tickhonova

From Alyona’s many years of practice and training, she has learned many different perspectives on yoga systems. She was able to obtain her certificate of Jivamukti yoga in NY specialising in Apnea yoga, a combination of yogi pranayamas and free diving techniques. Afterwards, she learned Thai body works in LA with Michel Barcks. Her certificate includes 4 levels of Universal Yoga, as well as mentorships for it.

Barbara Lipsky

Growing up in Hamburg Germany, Barbara learned her first Asanas at the age of 6 where she then joined her mother's Yoga practice. To understand more about the secrets of Yoga, she started practicing on a regular basis in 2002; and delved deeper by completing a 2-year Yoga teacher training in 2008 (Hatha Yoga, Sivananda tradition). Since January 2008 she has been teaching classes in Hamburg and built a following of wonderful students.

Megan Kipp

Megan Kipp attended her first yoga class with her mother and grandmother at age five and has been practicing ever since. Her interest in the body-mind connection and eastern preventative medicine led her to a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Here she started teaching yoga, group fitness classes, and personal training sessions.Ready to deepen her practice and understanding, she travelled to Goa, India with Lara Baumann of Quantum Yoga to study. She received her 200+ hour Dynamic Vinyasa certification in Vinyasa, Ayurveda and Quantum Physics, the science of possibilities. It was in Goa that she fully immersed herself in the teachings of Ayurveda, its many therapies and spa like treatments She also learned how to adapt the yogi lifestyle, learn Indian cooking using Indian herbs. Megan operates her practice in Reiki, Yoga, Massage, Workshops, Juicing and Raw Foods in West End, in the lower level of Atmalogy. She also teaches outdoor yoga programs at the Historical Home of President Andrew Jackson, The Hermitage, and at studios in Nashville (Kali Yuga Yoga, Atmalogy) and in Philadelphia (Sculpere, Yoga Schelter).

Ksenia Rush

Ksenia has always been fascinated in Indian dance and classic choreography from an early age. It was curiosity that brought her to yoga class for the very first timeYoga for her is life itself—whole, integral, inseparable. She respects all schools, teachings, methods, and styles as she has experienced many of them herself including: ashtanga-vinjyasa yoga, yoga of ayengar, yoga 23, shivanada yoga, universal yoga, feminine yoga, kriya yoga—to name just a few.At her lessons she pays a lot of attention to the minute details of asanas and safely performing them. However, her main focus is the understanding her students’ postures and movements. The most impactful experiences she’s had are her visits in the ashrams in the beautiful Indian city of Rishikesh—where she stayed a few times to study classical Hatha yoga and meeting both Angela Farmer and Viktor Van Kooten.

Amy Landry

Amy found yoga in 2006 whilst working internationally as a professional dancer. Her journey began with Vinyasa Flow yoga, which allowed for the same fluidity and expression that dance offered, only with added spiritual practices. As a result, she felt that yoga not only aided in her dance injuries, but it also cleansed her mind, body and breath. This created space for growth and transformation in her life. She believes that the path of yoga is not only via sweat (asana), but also through the breath (pranayama), love (bhakti), seva (service), and conscious living.Born and raised in Newcastle, Australia, Amy envisions a future teaching both within the Australian community and internationally. She was deeply touched and inspired by her journey to India, where she had the opportunity to study, teach and witness the ancient spiritual practices that are still part of day-to-day living. This also deepened her love and “obsession” for Ayurveda—the ancient traditional lifestyle practice from India. She completed formal studies in Ayurveda with the Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies and became certified early 2014.Amy has studied and practiced under many inspiring teachers known worldwide today in a variety of styles of yoga: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Purna, Yin, Anusara, Power Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. She is devoted to sharing the ancient practices with others as well as helping each soul find their individual flow and full potential.

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