Healthy Ageing Retreat - Go Enjoy Yoga
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Healthy Ageing Retreat

Thailand - 14 days
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This Weight Loss Program is held at the premier sports facility in Asia, offering tennis, swimming, track and field, and weights and cardio centres, to help you to stay fit during your stay at the 5 star hotel.

The program includes a personalised nutrition program designed to support dietary needs to maintain optimum function.

You can choose from 6 food programs or juice fasting programs to help you achieve your goal.

The wellness advisors and dietitians are available to help you decide which program is best suited to you during your stay, and offer advice and support.

A comprehensive analysis of your body’s systems is included in the Healthy Ageing Program to identify your health status and any risk of illness.

With advanced analysis, the professional team look deeper into your body’s systems to see how your hormones, vitamins and other risk factors like inflammation, are contributing.

Your diagnostic program includes supportive therapies including nutrient IV therapy.

Exercise is an effective way to balance hormone levels and there is no shortage of opportunity to get fit here. This premier sports facility and the personal trainers will get you on the right track to make sure that you have a physical fitness program that best supports your needs.

Your retreat package includes accommodation, return airport transfers, medical consultations, private nutrition consultation, health and wellness consultation, a body composition analysis, fitness assessment, advanced hormone check up, heavy metal check, intravenous nutrients treatments, microdermabrasion and infusion facial treatment, mud therapy, slimming body treatment and your healthy ageing meal program.


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