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Pyramid Yoga Retreat

India - 14 days
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Rishikesh is commonly known as the world capital of yoga, as it has a unique and inspirational history in the yoga tradition. It is a city filled with great temples, ashrams and yogic masters and is a wonderful place to experience for those interested in yoga's rich traditions. It is also called the gateways of the great Himalayas, surrounded by mountains and the banks of holy river Ganges. Tranquility and beauty abounds in this iconic city.

Yoga retreats at Pyramid Yogshala offer an indepth, informative, inspiring and transformational experience. The yoga retreat program is ideal for those who want to explore Indian culture, and dive into all that the practice of yoga and meditation has to offer. This is open to anyone and everyone who wants to take a break and practice yoga in a conducive environment with authentic yoga teachers.

As yoga was originated in India over 5000 years ago, the ancient sages came Rishikesh to meditate and practice, live an ashram lifestyle and came to be known as world renowned yoga gurus. What better place to dive into a yoga retreat than this inspiring city?!

The two-week retreat program includes yogic food and accommodation at Pyramid Yogshala, yoga classes, meditation classes, spiritual tours to natural waterfalls, Aarti participations at Parmarth Niketan ashram, visits to ancient caves and ashrams such as Vashistha cave and Beatles ashram.


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