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Premium Detox Cleanse

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This program is unique as it offers activities and experiences that will optimise your cleanse and help you find balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

As you proceed with the program, you will be carefully assessed by the detox coaches and you will be served with healthy nutritious meals to maintain your energy and create balance all throughout the day.

With massage, yoga, reiki and daily support from the friendly and qualified staff, each day that passes by is sure to leave you feeling lighter and brighter.

The program is designed to cater the specific needs and requirements of each wonderful guest. Support and guidance meetings with the detox manager are given on a daily basis, the main topics covered are emotional eating, food craving and addictions, hunger and satiety, food allergies and Ayurveda practice in daily life.

This retreat includes

4 daily detox meals

daily consultations and check up with a nutritionist

11 nights accommodation in a comfortable and spacious bungalow with full amenities and sea view

daily support from your detox coach

a customized program depending on your cleansing needs

and food supplements and superfoods.

You are also entitled to experience 6 massages or Reiki sessions, a Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage sessions, and 2 Traditional herbal pressure massage, which will totally complete your ultimate detox getaway.


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