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Surf Waves Yoga Retreat

Sri Lanka - 11 days
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Strengthen the mind and body by gracefully gliding through the waves and meditating under the palm trees.

Bask in the freedom to explore the southern shores of Sri Lanka where you will be based for 11 days during this surf and yoga retreat.

Yoga complements surfing in many ways. It strengthens three main skills any beginner surfer should aim to develop- upper body strength, endurance, and flexibility.

No matter your age, size or fitness level, the yoga programme is suitable for all levels of experience from beginners to advanced and the camp instructor will adapt poses to suit your ability.

Yoga classes will be done on the lawn in the shade of palm trees, on the patio or at the cliff overlooking the Indian ocean and beautiful Sri Lankan sunset.

Full moon yoga, evening classes, SUP yoga and private sessions are are available upon request. Daily drop-in classes are at 7.30AM and 4.30PM.

This package includes

10 surf sessions

6 yoga sessions

2 massage sessions

accommodation and breakfast daily.

There is also an in-house surf shop if you want to buy wax, leashes, pads, or rent surfboards and snorkelling gears. Other activities you can do at the guest house include: carom, chess, Uno, Omi, playing cards, rope skipping, slack-lining, or hula hoop.

The staff can also organise the following excursions for you: fishing tours, whale watching, turtle watching at night, city tours, tea factory visits, temple tours, and diving tours.


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