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Detox Health Retreat

Costa Rica
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This 10 Night Detox program designed to cleanse and nourish your body, mind and soul whilst being surrounded by lush rainforest and the native wildlife of Costa Rica.

Everything is done with your wellness in mind and the team maximize the use of organic drinks and food as well as using natural organic lotions in the spa services for your utmost enjoyment and benefit.

Enjoy a heavenly experience as you stay in their modern and stylish haciendas with amazing facilities. Soak in a free standing tub, lounge on the terrace, or cool down in your own infinity pool/hot tub while enjoying the panoramic views all around.

Enjoy the surf, or take one of the many adventure vacation tours on offer. From whale and dolphin watching, deep sea fishing, dive and snorkeling tours, surfing to ATV tours, horseback riding, canopy zip lining or a waterfall adventure. With so many things to do this remarkable location definitely makes your wellness experience truly worthwhile.

The detox program is inclusive of

10 nights luxury villa accommodation

One 90 minute massage

One Body Scrub/Wrap

One 60 minute facial

Daily gourmet breakfast

Daily Detox Smoothie

Daily gourmet diner

Your choice between bird watching, hiking, or waterfall tour at the heart of playa Uvita.


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