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Ultimate Fitness Challenge

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Take your fitness to a greater level and diversify your threshold training to further enhance your physical fitness, strength and endurance.

For those who are looking to push themselves beyond their previous echelons, this intensive retreat has been designed to raise your fitness levels by crafting a regime of path breaking workouts that are customized for you and overseen by a team of international instructors.

After a detailed fitness assessment, your private instructor will devise a dynamic workout program incorporating a varied range of exercises to challenge and elevate your fitness abilities.

From Cross fit, HIT, Tabata, Pilates, cardio, Vibration training, as well as hiking in the great mountainous ranges, the Fitness Challenge will expand your mental focus, endurance level, and peak your optimal physical output and aerobic conditioning.

Experience the unique juxtaposition of intensive personal training with deep tissue massages that further tone your body and enhance recovery.

The retreat offers you a core postural assessment and physical alignment, carried out by our physiotherapists, that will boost your performance and endurance, and simultaneously reduce your downtime and risk of injury.

To increase and diversify your workout habits, you will be encouraged to participate in new group classes where you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of other movement disciplines such as Yoga and Meditation.

You return home, fitter and leaner than before, carrying with yourself a customized fitness plan and the collective benefits of all the wellness practices.

The retreat package includes -

10 night accommodation

10 days of wellness and spa cuisine

10 Daily Inclusions (Choose from an Aromatherapy Massage/ ‘Arm & a Leg’ Recovery/ Destress Head & Spine Massage/ Foot Reflexology/ Invigorating Massage/ Vedic Spice Massage)

6 prescribed physio treatments

postural integration

2 private stretch sessions

2 personal training sessions

signature massage

2 deep tissue massages

3 acupuncture sessions

core strengthening session

You will have an individual wellness consultation, body composition analysis, postural assessment, yogic kriyas and enjoy daily fitness and leisure activities, unlimited use of water therapy suites, and a wellness departure consultation.


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