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Ayurveda Wellbeing

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Over the course of 14 nights, learn to relax, slow down and listen to the gentle murmurs of your inner 'swara', or voice. This is a comprehensive introduction to Yogic kriyas, asanas, Yoga nidra, Meditations and Pranayama. There is also a special focus on yoga enabled art and music.

Learn how to balance your life, relax, release, slow down, and listen to your inner song. This program will focus primarily on assisting your experience and implement various mind and body techniques.

This will create positive changes in one's approach to the daily rigours of modern life and will open your eyes to learn a balanced approach to reduce and manage stress.

This program includes -

six Ayurveda consultations prior to your treatments

relaxation therapeutic massage

Ayurveda de-stress massage

two rejuvenation therapeutic massages

one cleansing aromatherapy salt scrub

private yoga class

salt glow massage

daily yoga sessions


daily meals

multiple wellbeing and nature-based activities


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