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Master Cleanse Detox & Yoga Retreat

Jamaica - 10 days
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Learn how to start eating healthier food and quit unhealthy habits as you embark on a wonderful and awakening journey.

The Master Cleanse is a powerful detox both physically, emotionally and spiritually that has been used by ancient civilizations for many years. Mayans and Aztecs used this cleanse for spiritual purposes and for deep healing.

For the entire Master Cleanse program, there will be no food intake. Instead, you will only drink a special lemonade drink made with maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon, plenty of water, herbal teas, and an optional warm water with salt for a full intense cleansing. Nutritionists will be on hand to support the cleansing diet that your body needs.

Discover spiritual guidance, gentle yoga and meditation classes making the whole cleansing process a life changing experience. Various workshops are included that focus on topics such as raw food, herbs and medicinal plants, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and natural ways to heal.

Inclusive of 9 nights accommodation, the master cleanse includes your detox beverages daily, twice daily yoga sessions for detox, daily spiritual talks and meditation, a detoxifying massage, gift of natural homemade cosmetics like face masks, body scrubs and lotions.

Plus great workshops on Ayurveda, Chakras and Art Therapy.

Snorkelling accessories are also available for your waterfall exploration trip included.


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Ramjas Kaur

Ramjas traveled the world for 10 years, searching for natural wisdom, healers, shamans, gurus, searching for the answers, learning about nutrition and healthy living, practicing and teaching yoga. She has over decade of experience teaching yoga and various RTY certifications.Ramjas learnt on her travels from gurus in India the secrets of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama and Meditation. In Costa Rica she learnt the secrets of Kundalini yoga and nutrition. In Czech she discovered secrets of Tantra Yoga and Yin Yoga. She was influenced by great masters of yoga as well as natural healer and gurus all using natural ways to bring balance to body, mind and soul.

Lion .

Lion teaches original Rasta Yoga- fusing Hatha and Kundalini yoga with deep understanding of spirituality and breath control. In his teaching he is very intuitive and listens to the needs of students. He has practiced yoga for over a decade and has RTY certification with Yoga Alliance. He is also a singer and performer when off the yoga mat!

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