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Master Detox Retreat, Sri Lanka Countryside

Sri Lanka - 10 days
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This is a truly restorative spa, built with a little footprint in this naturally healing landscape, in the mountainous center of Sri Lanka. The venue is in balance and harmony with nature, as you do the same on this 10 day detox.

Heal the main source of illnesses and ailments. Immerse yourself in time-out as the toxins in your body are slowly drained away and learn how to continue to be free on your return home.

This detox retreat includes personalised raw and vegetarian options, education on lifestyle choices to remove toxins from the body, medium-intensity yoga, Ayurveda and western detox treatments, spa treatments, and classes in raw cooking basics. This program can be customised to different needs. These can be basic introduction to detox or advanced detox for guests who are accustomed to cleansing. It can be based on Ayurveda techniques or Western techniques such as juicing and raw foods.

Enjoy 60 minutes of spa treatment, plus all the scheduled group wellness activities, including daily morning and evening yoga, meditation, lifestyle workshops, nutrition workshops, trekking, mountain biking, Sri Lankan cooking classes and use of spa facilities such as sauna, steam, salt bath and laundry.

Detoxing and cleansing are primary tools of Ayurveda and form the core of “Shodhana”. Shodhana literally means cleaning and is derived from the fact that these treatments clean the body of the root causes of illnesses.

The wellness retreat includes your accommodation, 3 personalised healthy gourmet meals (options available for raw food diets, Vegetarian diets and Non-vegetarian diets), non-alcoholic beverages, consultation on the arrival and departure.


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