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1 Month Relax & Reconnect Retreat

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Learn how to make changes that are simple and easy, and have the power to improve your quality of life. Spend your days by the ocean, learn how to cook incredible plant-based meals, sleep soundly and breathe in the fresh air. Allow the simple pleasures of life to awaken and inspire you.

Refresh your mind and body, relax and reconnect with yourself and nature, meet new friends and become part of an inspiring community.

The yoga program is designed to suit all levels, from beginner to intermediate, and yoga will be focused on improving overall balance, boosting the immune system, assisting weightloss and helping you to find peace, tranquility and focus.

Yoga sessions are based on Hatha, Kundalini and Yin yoga which allows you a diversity of styles to learn and evolve with. Classes usually take place on the yoga platform facing the ocean or on the roof top yoga shala.

All instructors are experienced yoga teachers with 5+ years of teaching yoga, are certified, and are English speaking. Yoga sessions will be tailored to meet your needs and instructors can work specifically on your issues and goals (back pain, weight loss, hips openers, insomnia), so that you get the most out of your retreat.

Different yoga techniques will be introduced and different meditation techniques as well, so that you can find the one that fits you best. The team will also create a special custom-made plan for you to continue afterward, so that your retreat becomes an ongoing positive experience in your daily life.

Your retreat includes twice daily yoga sessions, daily meditation, healthy organic food (Vegetarian/Vegan Jamaican cuisine, 3 main meals & snacks), unlimited water & herbal teas, fresh juices and coconut water and your comfortable accommodation.

Plus gift of natural homemade cosmetics (face masks, body scrubs, lotion, deodorant), access to the library with books about yoga, healing, herbs & novels, music, recipes and yoga sessions, free wifi, a waterfall trip.

And two great workshops on the program- one on making your own natural cosmetics, and one on food and nutrition.


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Ramjas Kaur

Ramjas traveled the world for 10 years, searching for natural wisdom, healers, shamans, gurus, searching for the answers, learning about nutrition and healthy living, practicing and teaching yoga. She has over decade of experience teaching yoga and various RTY certifications.Ramjas learnt on her travels from gurus in India the secrets of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama and Meditation. In Costa Rica she learnt the secrets of Kundalini yoga and nutrition. In Czech she discovered secrets of Tantra Yoga and Yin Yoga. She was influenced by great masters of yoga as well as natural healer and gurus all using natural ways to bring balance to body, mind and soul.

Lion .

Lion teaches original Rasta Yoga- fusing Hatha and Kundalini yoga with deep understanding of spirituality and breath control. In his teaching he is very intuitive and listens to the needs of students. He has practiced yoga for over a decade and has RTY certification with Yoga Alliance. He is also a singer and performer when off the yoga mat!

Omkari .

Omkari is traveling yoga teacher. She spent years exploring ancient knowledge of body and mind, learning and teaching yoga in India, Nepal, and Bali.Her yoga approach is based on traditional hatha yoga style with a focus on breathing and awareness that allow the practitioner to get body, mind and spiritual benefits. She likes to use yoga Nidra, guided and Buddhist meditation of love and compassion to help people feel more connected with their body and inner self! Certified by Yoga Alliance & with 5+ years of teaching experience.

Vasu .

Vasu traveled around the world discovering the beauty of life and has got an understanding that the observation is one of the most powerful energies. He was learning Vipassana meditation in Myanmar, yoga, and Ayurveda in India and Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal. During his travels, he met beautiful people teach him all humans are brothers and sisters! He's established in Sivananda Yoga Practice, Certified yoga teacher & Ayurveda consultant.

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