Detox Retreat At Luxury Spa Hotel - Go Enjoy Yoga
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Detox Retreat At Luxury Spa Hotel

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Give your health and energy levels a beneficial boost and join this 4 Night Detox Retreat. Developed with busy people in mind, it´s the perfect introduction to a healthier lifestyle. 
This full-board break begins with a personalized consultation with one of the expert nutritionists and continues with a variety of specialized treatments and gentle activities designed to eliminate toxins and de-stress the body. ​
Acknowledging the importance of both physical and mental cleansing, this detox program also offers guests a more holistic approach to wellness through yoga, and encourages fresh morning walks along the picturesque Estoril coast.This detox program includes 4 nights accommodation, full board (personalised meal plan), one Detox juice per day, one Nutrition consultation and one Introductory fitness assessment.

Plus holistic treatments as follows:

One Banyan Tree Spa full body massage - your choice (60-min)

One Traditional Chinese Medicine Session - Practitioners approach healthcare from a holistic standpoint, looking for the underlying imbalances and disharmonies behind any illness’ or conditions.

One Vichy Shower Massage - Enjoy the incredible feeling of receiving a revigorating and deep tissue massage under the soft and relaxing touch of warm showers over your body.

One Jet Shower - This invigorating jet shower allows for an in-depth massage which decongests areas with cellulite, eases tension very effective for muscle spasms and aches. 

One Hydromassage with underwater localized jet-massage. Whilst you enjoy a warm hydromassage bath the therapist performs a powerful underwater massage. Specially recommended to treat anxiety, muscle tension, circulatory problems and cellulite.

One Lymphatic Drainage - The Lymphatic Drainage massage acts directly on the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This technique enhances the removal of toxins, fat and accumulated fluids, as well as the improvement of blood circulation, acting in the prevention of varicose veins, also easing the intestinal transit.

And complimentary access to the gym, Dynamic Pool, personal wellness assistance during stay.

Expect to return home feeling lighter, brighter and completely re-energised!


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