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Creative Cooking, Detox & Yoga Retreat, UK

Europe - 2 days
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Boost your creativity in the kitchen at the same time as enjoying a short break filled with yoga, calm and relaxation in the picturesque countryside.
In this weekend retreat you will have the opportunity to take part in cooking classes that will help you to become more creative in the kitchen. You will learn how to create meals that will be healthy, satisfying and fun to make. You will learn about macro-nutrient balance, times of the day for optimal digestion and assimilation, how stress affects digestion and why it's important to relax while eating. You will learn about common allergens in foods and how to easily avoid them as well as effective ways of balancing blood sugar. All recipes will be vegetarian and dairy and gluten-free.
More and more research is showing the important role that stress-reduction plays with illness on many levels. This weekend retreat will teach you the importance of slowing down and relaxing, and what that can mean for digestion, assimilation and energy levels.
The program involves two daily yoga classes, and kitchen workshops with the opportunity to learn about how to prepare delicious and healthy dishes. This retreat also includes classes on nutrition and healthy eating, environmentally sustainable living, meditation and happiness. Additionaly, an onsite massage therapists offers a range of treatments including reflexology, Thai massage, sports and remedial massage, and facials (extra charge).


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