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Complete Detox And Yoga Retreat

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This 11-night detox retreat starts with a two day pre-cleanse which includes 2 liver flush drinks and fruit plates, followed by a seven day juice fast with herbal supplements. During the cleansing program you will enjoy freshly prepared juices that support the detox process and increase your energy levels as you fast.

The 2 day post cleanse with papaya, bee pollen and a raw diet will help you break your fast in the best way possible and ease you back into a healthy and sustainable diet.

The process is supported by a holistic program that includes -

daily yoga and mediation classes

2 Thai massages

Reiki session

use of the herbal steam room, Infrared sauna and gym

Self-administered colemas twice daily

You will learn the benefits of fasting and cleansing, receive day-by-day dietary guidelines and learn the steps to carry you towards a healthier, happier, more balanced lifestyle after your fast is complete. Qualified staff and a tranquil, peaceful setting allows you to relax and gain the most out of this cleansing experience.


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