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Complete Ayurveda Purification

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Journey to the Himalayas to encounter Ayurveda at its most authentic source. In state-of-the-art treatment facilities, enjoy spa sessions, Ayurveda therapies, yoga and meditation, all combining to help you achieve inner balance.

The complete purification Ayurveda package is designed around understanding Ayurveda philosophy, you will benefit from therapies that are specifically suitable to your bodily constitution, all consulted on by the Ayurvedic Doctor.

Panchkarma(detox) under Ayurveda is a method with which the body is detoxified by flushing out toxins from every part, every cell and organ of the body.
Treatment in Naturopathy is decided as per one's body type to provide maximum benefits.
Under the Ayurveda package, your schedule will revolve around a carefully selected set of therapies, sessions, consultation and meditation/yoga.
Every day, a special treatment of 2 hours is performed and the team of doctors monitor your schedule and progress throughout your stay.
The retreat fee includes air-conditioned accommodations, tea & coffee-making facilities, consultations with in-house doctors, three daily meals as per individual diet plan, daily yoga & meditation sessions, Ayurveda treatments and the medicines used plus one two hour treatment per day according to your dosha.


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