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Clean Me Out Fasting Detox

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Nestled in this preserved jungle island sanctuary is this beautiful resort offering life-changing retreats that will make you feel replenished and revived.

This ultimate cleansing program is a powerful way to eliminate toxins from the bloodstream, build immunity and cleanse your liver and intestinal systems.

You will start with pre-cleanse on your first day to ease into the detoxification process.

The next seven days will be devoted to fasting where you will consume detox drink, intestinal cleansers, herbal nutrition tablets, colon cleansers, herbal laxative tea and the like.

Throughout the fast, you will also be going through yoga and meditation classes to complement your over-all renewal.

The last two days will for your post-fast to prepare your body before going back to your normal lifestyle.

The cost of this 10-day retreat includes -

complete fasting program,

colon cleansing

massage and spa treatment

pre- and post-cleanse drinks and juices

yoga and meditation classes

herbal steam bath

infrared sauna

ampuku abdominal massage


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