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'Change My Life' Yoga Retreat

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This is a secluded haven, a serene holiday destination with amazing amenities for deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

This 9-day retreat is the ultimate life-changing experience providing comfort and leisure.

7 days will be spent for the whole fasting program. Your retreat will start with a basic introduction to the process with video programs discussing cleansing and nutrition.

There will be daily meditations and yoga to help you ease into your detox process.

There will be intestinal cleansers, herbal nutrition tablets, detox drinks, grow capsules and herbal laxative gel to be served every day, among others.

The cost of the retreat includes -

7-day clean me out fasting program

complete set drinks and soups for the detox process

yoga and meditation class

herbal steam bath

infrared sauna

ampuku abdominal massage


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