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Breath Of Life Yoga Retreat

Sri Lanka - 14 days
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If you are looking for an emotional, spiritual or physical reset, join this unique 15day retreat in Sri Lanka. You can walk barefoot in pristine nature and swim in the silky-smooth waters of the lotus ringed lake, far removed from stresses of the modern world. If a digital detox, the song of chirping birds and to sleep like a baby attract you, this place is for you.The retreat center exists in a world where it’s safe enough to live without fences or walls or doors or locks. You’ll be looked after by its gentle, traditional agricultural community, among whom you will be living in nature’s soft, age-old rhythms.
Flow freely and breathe deeply. Connect with yourself on new levels and with the beauty of the natural world that surrounds you. This is an enchanting place that sprinkles its magic dust on those who pass through. There is no aspiration here to be anything other than what it is - a lovely, playful but honouring folly.
The primary reason that the center is open for only part of the year is to protect its natural environment from excessive strain. For the same reason, guest numbers are restricted to 20 and our prices reflect the revenue needed to sustain this enchanting microcosm from year to year with the least possible environmental strain.
The facilitators use age-old organic and bio-dynamic farming methods to protect its flora and fauna and its spring-fed wells. No mechanised farming equipment is used. Everything is done by hand or with the help of buffaloes.

This package includes twin share accommodations, one massage per week, two daily yoga classes, meals, snacks, drinks, a one-on-one consultation with their resident doctor, a full-day excursion per week, bicycle rentals.


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