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Brain Health Upgrade Program Retreat

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Your brain is involved in everything you do. Its health is vital to how you feel, think, age, perform, love, learn and share.
Circulation to and through your brain, known as cerebral blood flow as well as the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, indicates how well your brain performs and subsequently how you feel. You might be looking in several places to improve your health or fix what is bothering you. To do so you must upgrade your brain’s health.
This unique Brain Health Upgrade program is to help you care for and improve the state of your brain and how it works through organic ancient practices from yoga and meditation as well modern technology and biohacks.
Your daily Brain Health session will consist of -

Mitochondria Enhancment with red Light and Near-Infrared Light Therapy -light therapy to enhance your cellular energy level, so you feel better and your brain can work better. When your brain works better you will do everything with much greater involvement and energy.
Brainwave modulation through Audio-Visual Entrainment so you enter complete relaxation and cultivate the meditator’s mind. AVE stimulates certain brainwave states, in particular the alpha range, to improve brain function, reduce inflammation in the brain, help you think better and behave nicer.
A targeted meditation session with biofeedback to let you know the state of your mind and how you are actually doing as you sit and attempt meditative practice.

This program also includes -

Luxury accommodation

Daily nutritious homemade meals

A float therapy session for total relaxation

Full spectrum Infrared sauna sessions

Brain enhancing nutritional support so your brain literally has more energy

Every class and program in YogaCoreCycle

Time and space to relax and sleep

Breath regulation practices skillfully instructed

Yoga body practices to cultivate your nerves, spine, organs and joints

Core and cardio workouts for strength and circulation

New practices and techniques to learn

Ways to discover things about yourself you never knew

Personal time with the sounds and sights of nature

New connections and conversation with interesting people

Meditative approaches to look within and find peace


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