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Ayurvedic Slimming Luxury Retreat In Kerala

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This Ayurveda center is one of the most speciality health spas available. The treatments and program are the best in the world.

This Ayurvedic treatment for weight management works by increasing metabolism, which will help in utilizing the fat and increasing the body’s vitality so that less fat is accumulated.

During the first stage, the patient undergoes a treatment of what is known as drying. This process helps to improve the metabolism, reduce heaviness and prepares the body for the next stage.

The therapeutic treatments are supported by special internal herbal medicines.

Following the traditional Ayurvedic principles, medicines, both for external and internal use, are prepared at the Ayurveda healthcare facilities from organically grown local herbs at the herbal garden.

The herbs are freshly picked for use by the gardeners who care for them with love and attention. This enhances their effectiveness. The medicines are prepared at the Ayurveda kitchen based on hygienic and traditional practices.

A well thought-out scientific principle is applied to the use of all these medicines which are prepared using intensive and lengthy procedures using select ingredients and with spiritual dedication.

Their consumption as per the Ayurveda doctor's instructions is very important and mandatory to the healing process.

Yoga and mediation are also an integral part of this retreat as yoga is aimed at improving your health and total well-being while meditation is used to calm and relax both the mind and the body.

The program includes your schedule of -

Individual Ayurvedic meal plan

Ayurvedic Doctor consultations

Daily yoga and meditation

Prescribed Herbs & medicines during treatment

Daily Ayurvedic treatments

Daily Therapeutic treatments

Satsang, as below

Satsang which can be translated as ‘true company’ (sat- true, sang- company) has always been one of the fundamental elements of Indian philosophy.

You are encouraged to partake in rich cultural and spiritual offerings including discourses, classical music and dance performances, Mantra chanting, candlelight meditation, Yoga discourses, demonstrations and doctors’ talks during the treatment course.

This is a significant aspect of the Ayurvedic treatment as it adds an uplifting edge to the recovery process by enhancing positive energy.

The retreat package will include your consultations, treatments, massages, oils, herbs, luxury accommodation, yoga session, all of your meals, and the clothes that they will provide you on the day of your arrival.


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