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Ayurvedic Indian Detox Retreat

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A daily schedule of Natural and Ayurvedic products, supplements, superfoods and herbal teas is carefully prepared to suit your personal body balance.

The center serves food based on your personal nutritional needs and goals, and spa treatments to suit your unique Ayurvedic constitution.

You will receive life coaching and goal setting, a personalised nutritionally-balanced vegetarian meal plan according to your body type, one daily session of Ayurvedic basti, a diet and nutrition planning workshop, and daily herbal shots of digestive, mind boosting, relaxing drinks.

Join the daily pranayama sessions and guided meditation sessions, enjoy holistic Indian detoxification therapies, life coaching classes, nutrition workshops, Indian medical consultations and hypnotherapy.

The retreat package includes

all inclusive accommodation

daily educational talks

presentations, workshops and informal group sessions

daily yoga and relaxation sessions

daily pranayama sessions

daily guided meditation sessions

daily holistic Indian treatments

and daily nasal purification therapies.

Your package also includes

your airport transfers

welcome drink, welcome meals

packed snacks for your departure journey

access to a library of books and DVDs on health and wellness

Ayurvedic Indian Detox Retreat workbook

your own personalised retreat diary

a complementary dry-skin weight loss body brush

complimentary nasya kit (nasal purification therapy kit)

Ayurvedic herbal body wash powder, Ayurvedic toothpowder for healthy gums, Anjana kit

and expert support and counselling as and when required.


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