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Ayurveda Wellness, Weight-loss & Yoga

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This speciality Ayurveda spa is the most luxurious and dedicated in the world. Providing complete effective Ayurvedic health solutions. Not all Ayurveda programs are equal, this retreat is the best in the world.

Here they combine the best practices of Ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy to address the issues comprehensively.

The treatments are individualized and are based on the understanding of the unique body constitution or basic nature of each guest and their circumstances. After careful analysis, the team prescribes the right blend of treatments, diet, exercise and natural medicine.

With your schedule of -

Daily doctor’s consultation

Individual Ayurveda diet plan

Herbs & Medicines during the treatment

Daily Ayurveda treatments

Daily therapeutic treatments (Naturopathy / Acupuncture)

Daily yoga & meditation

Special natural herbs and tonics are included alongside the treatments to remove toxins and assist with moving stagnant weight. These special medicines can also have benefits in boosting overall wellness and eliminating disease in the body.

The weight loss treatments are supplemented with a supervised diet plan to increase their efficacy. The process works on internal cleansing of the body and the focus is on foods that are healthy, organic and easy to digest. The culinary team ensures that the meals are nutritious and tasty so that guests realise that a healthy diet can be flavoursome too. Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, Marma, and many other activities and therapies are included in this special retreat and attentive personalised care round the clock is available to you throughout your stay. The retreat package includes your 21 nights accommodation, entire program, airport transfers from Cochin International Airport, and excursion on boat cruise in the Kerala Backwaters.


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