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Ayurveda & Culture Retreat, Sri Lanka Highlands

Sri Lanka
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Join this 7-night Ayurveda & Culture Retreat and  stay in a beautiful traditional Sri Lankan experience. 

The resort embodies a holistic approach towards wellness with the use of traditional Ayurveda practices.

Inspired by the village life of Sri Lanka, the architecture of each building is designed using eco-friendly materials and dwellings that offers simple yet elegant village houses while you enjoy personalized organic Sri Lankan meals that are made just for you.

During this getaway, you will also have the opportunity to visit and stay in the hills of Kandy where you will have sightseeing tours.

The retreat package includes your transfers, 5 night stay in the resort enjoying authentic Ayurveda treatments with yoga and meditation, sightseeing and transfer to Kandy, 2 nights stay in Kandy, and sightseeing tours. 


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