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Anti-Stress & Burnout, Koh Samui Thailand

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This Wellness Sanctuary is an absolute haven, the best wellness hotel in Thailand. With luxury accommodation, first class facilities, fitness and yoga group classes all day, pampering spa menu, detox services, and healthy food and juices on demand.

This fitness retreat caters to those who are in need of an escape from their busy schedules to a sanctuary where they can recharge themselves and re balance their mind, body and spirit through a combination and relaxing & healing spa treatments, nourishing food and supportive emotional therapies.

It is highly recommended for those who feel overworked, fatigued and looking to renew themselves. Before the start of the training, you will undergo on a wellness consultation to ensure that the program is well fitted to you.

The cost of this retreat includes an Initial Wellness Consultation with Bio Impedance Analysis, 1 x Arrival Day Welcome Dinner, 2 x Fresh juices & smoothies a day, 3 x Spa Cuisine meals a day.

And Unlimited access to Group Fitness classes, Final fitness consultation with personalised take home workout program, Pool, Steam room & Fitness studio access, and all Yoga, Pilates classes.

Plus your treatments of -

2 x 60 min Aroma Retreat

1 x 60 min Indian Head massage

1 x 90 min Traditional Thai massage

2 x 60 min Foot Sanctuary

1 x 60 min Reiki Session

1 x 45 min Stress Management Session

1 x 45 min Back, Neck & shoulder Bliss Massage

1 x 30 min FAR infrared Sauna Session

Round trip airport transfers, and 6 nights accommodation included.


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