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Anti Candida Fasting Detox

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This cleanse is specifically designed to help people who are suffering from a candida imbalance.

This 10-day retreat can make quite an impact on the candida population living in your body and very effectively start the process of returning it to good health.

You are given a schedule of the detox plan and this helps you know when to take detox drinks, supplements, colonic irrigation and the like.

To aid your inner cleanse, you will also do meditation and yoga to guide you on a mental and spiritual level.

Flush away the toxins and welcome the new you after the rejuvenating retreat.

The cost of this retreat includes -

daily meditation & yoga

30 intestinal cleansers and herbal nutrition capsules

7 times Ampuku Abdominal massage

5 specially-prepared candida detox drinks daily

colon cleansing

Alkaline forming food for pre-cleanse and post cleanse

Massage and Spa Treatment

complimentary steam baths


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