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Alkaline Diet Retreat

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This beautiful spa hotel offers a charming combination of luxury and wellness, with cleansing retreats and health services that have guests coming from around the world to enjoy it's healthy holiday vibe.

On this retreat, you will consume a specific balanced diet of 80% Alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods. This is an ideal program for those wishing to lose weight without necessarily giving up one’s eating habits, and still creating a perfect balance of health and wellness.

Combined with an excellent fitness activity program, this retreat will help you discover your best physical shape and state of mind. The retreat is suitable for everyone and is designed to be both transformative and an enjoyable getaway.

Enjoy access to fitness center, yoga and pilates classes, stretching classes, table tennis, and basketball, jogging with a specialist, access to tennis courts, aqua gym, steam room, sauna, turkish bath, beach, indoor and outdoor pools, and the hydrotherapy pool.

The package includes -

Alkaline menu of 3 Alkaline main meals and 3 Alkaline snacks per day
Accommodation in suites or villas
Body analysis
Dietitian consultancy
Information seminars for healthy living
Unlimited mineral water, unlimited fruit teas and herbal teas, PH 10 water


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