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Align & Flow Yoga Retreat

Sri Lanka - 14 days
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If you are looking for an emotional, spiritual or physical reset, join this remarkable 15 days yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. You can walk barefoot in pristine nature and swim in the silky-smooth waters of the lotus ringed lake, far removed from stresses of the modern world. If a digital detox, the song of chirping birds and to sleep like a baby attract you, this place is for you!
This retreat center exists in a world where it’s safe enough to live without fences or walls or doors or locks. You’ll be looked after by its gentle, traditional agricultural community, among whom you will be living in nature’s soft, age-old rhythms. 
Yoga is practised in the Yoga Shala, which is essentially an open-sided hall that lets in nature's charms, from gentle breezes to bird song. On occasion classes are conducted further afield: beneath the splaying branches of a Banyan tree, or on top of Monkey Rock, or below the neighbouring temple - or wherever else takes the collective fancy of those present.
The all-inclusive price you pay also includes accommodation, all meals, snacks, drinks, two Yoga classes a day, a massage per week’s stay, guided forest walks, the organisation and transport for an excursion per week’s stay, all taxes as well as the use of bicycles, hot water bathing area and laundry service.


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