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Age Reversal Retreat

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The journey to radiant and glowing skin can be found in the age-old secrets of Ayurveda.

This carefully crafted 7-night retreat enhances your beauty and physical appearance through personalised treatments while also purifying your spiritual body through yoga, pranayama and mediation.

The Indian spa treatments integrate the ancient philosophic, spiritual and artistic wisdom of South Asia with modern international practices. Explore the meditation cave and relaxation center for some blissful down time.

The in-house Ayurvedic doctor and experienced therapists will help you choose from more than 80 treatments and holistic spa programs.

The retreat includes accommodation in private villa with a deck and outdoor shower, three healthy meals that reflect your daily dietary needs and preferences, a private consultation with the team of wellness professionals.

Plus your daily yoga and meditation sessions, your choice of wellness activities such as trekking, nature walks, pottery, etc. and access to hydrothermal pavilion, yoga pavilion, main spa pool and relaxation center.

The 7 Night Age Reversal Retreat also includes one rejuvenative herbal supplement set, one nutrition & yogic consultation, one Iridology analysis, seven yoga sessions, one gemology diamond - orchid anti-ageing face therapy, one Panchakosha balancing reflexology, one Vanoushadhi Tan Lepa, one Prema blessings session, two acupuncture session, one amethyst gel wrap, two Ksheeradhara, one Krashubhakari or Padashubhakari, one outing and a take-home advice kit.


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