Adventure, Surf & Yoga Retreat, At Beach Village - Go Enjoy Yoga
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Adventure, Surf & Yoga Retreat, At Beach Village

Costa Rica
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Enjoy this 5-day Surf & Yoga Retreat which is perfect for the intrepid adventurer who wants to partake in a little action and relaxation.

Catch the waves and enjoy the laid back vibes. Perhaps you want to learn how to surf and practice yoga, or perhaps you know how to surf and just don't want to travel with a board on your yoga vacation. 

On a purely athletic level, asana practice gets you limber and strong to get tossed around in the surf, and for those looking to get in shape, you just can’t beat the combo to get yourself in top form in just a few days. This retreat accommodates all levels from beginners to master surfers and yogis alike.

The retreat package includes breakfast, 4 yoga classes, 2 surf lessons, equipment, and your accommodations. 


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