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Advanced Kundalini Yoga Retreat

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Further your knowledge and practice in this 8-day Advanced Kundalini yoga retreat. Learn a dynamic blend of physical postures, movement, breathing, meditation, stretching, and mantra in which will activate your glandular system.

You will learn the fundamental of the serpent power, which is the main idea of Kundalini as well as an introduction to Kriyas to tap into the omnipresent and infinite source of Kundalini energy.

This practice of yoga will strengthen your nervous system, expand your lung capacity, and purify your body’s bloodstream to truly awaken the body into a rejuvenated and refreshed state.

Included in this retreat package are wholesome organic meals, your daily kundalini yoga classes, railway or airport transfers, relaxing herbal massage, and exciting local excursions including cooking classes, a visit to an NGO-run orphanage and school, and a traditional lamp prayer ceremony by the Ganga river.

You will be staying in a tranquil and intimate accommodations that serve to enhance the experience and offer a lush space to rest and unwind completely.

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