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50Hr Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

India - 5 days
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Join this 50 hours Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in a beautiful location – Rishikesh. This location has its own charisma which attracts visitors and yogis from around the globe.Aerial Yoga teacher training is a unique hybrid practice that combines traditional yoga poses with strengthening components, dance, gymnastics and the fun of Aerial Arts. In Aerial Yoga, the body is supported in mid-air and with the help of gravity, yoga poses are explored in a new exciting way that strengthens the whole body, increases control, and grace, proper alignment, decompression of the joints and relaxation of deep muscles and fascia. Fear and tension are released while building self-confidence, experiencing a full range of breathing and having a lot of fun. Starting with basic warm-ups, stretching and body refreshing, you will move into doing poses and sequences lifted completely in the air, only to work yourself again towards the floor and get grounded to end the practice in a delicious Savasana.Highly trained and knowledgeable professionals will help you become an Aerial expert. During the training, you will gain greater strength and flexibility while feeling completely relaxed hanging inverted in an anti-gravity environment. 
Once the training is finished, you will obtain international certification and will be able to teach different styles of classes and build your own business!Aerial Yoga teacher training is a leading proprietorial method within the modern yoga trend, so it is now being followed in India. It provides an experience, with the help of gravity, that allows you to stretch and strengthen without overstretching your joints or compressing your vertebrae, where one can learn to invert and hang suspended in the air. The feeling in the body is like flying or floating, creating space in your body you didn’t know you had!

The cost of this course covers

your accommodation

6 days of Aerial Hammock Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Mat and T-shirt

Three Vegetarian meals a day

Certificate for 50-hour teacher training


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