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20/09/2020 25/10/2020

5 Week 300hr Alignment & Therapeutic Yoga Training

Thailand - 5 days
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The school offers 100-Hour, 200-Hour and 300-Hour Advanced - Yoga Alliance Certified - Alignment & Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Courses, on the beautiful island of Koh-Phangan, Thailand.The team wishes to give their students a deep learning experience of realigning their bodies, minds and emotions with nature.They strongly believe in their unique approach of facilitating only 4 training sessions a year, which allows them to fully dedicate to the teaching and enables to provide heartfelt and thorough instruction in every course they offer, as well as focused and individual attention to every student.The school has its own, permanent in-house, highly experienced team of teachers. They have certified more than 275 graduates in 12 different courses.

This program is a unique blend of modern-day science and classic yoga, Inspired by Iyengar yoga, physiotherapy and various kinds of yoga therapy. 

The school and leaders believe that the yoga practice should be adapted to every student needs, even when teaching a large group. 

The aim is to enrich you with the important core principles behind body structure, alignment and therapeutic yoga, so that you can integrate this knowledge in your self-practice and teaching, taking it to next level.

You will be able to reinvent your yoga practice and enrich your yoga teaching with a new extensive toolbox of yoga methods, approaches an techniques. 

You will acquire the ability to evaluate individual needs and adapt the yoga practice accordingly, enabling you to create an intelligent, health-promoting and injury-free yoga environment.

The base of the approach and teaching is Asana alignment (by Iyengar yoga). The staff encourages all students to find their own unique voice as yoga teachers, relying on this solid ground of alignment. And so the 300-Hour Program can fit all kinds of yoga teachers, as long as they are curious and have a desire to learn more and deepen their knowledge. 

The 300-Hour Alignment Yoga TTC program is designed in the most approachable way, teaching every topic in both theoretical and practical manners. Every subject you learn will start with a theoretical class, followed by the related practice. The course addresses yoga teachers of all disciplines and enables everyone to move at their own pace within the given frame of the program. 

Included in the price of the training is your comprehensive course manual book, yoga carrying cotton bag, daily light breakfast of tea and fruits, daily vegan lunch, Yoga Alliance Certification, filtered water and optional accommodation.


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