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30/09/2020 28/10/2020

300Hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Bali - 28 days
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The Elemental Tantra Yoga Teacher Training approaches the ancient sciences of yoga and tantra through a course of the 5 elements. This 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is the first of it's kind.

During this training you will delve into the Alignment-Based Vinyasa Flow practice. Culminating in restorative postures, meditation and pranayama, this practice serves first to awaken the body and break-up stuck energy, and then to soften the mind and nurture your inner being. Uniting the masculine + feminine aspects of practice you will find freedom in movement, draw awareness from the mind to the heart, and allow insight to arise naturally.

In the earth element you will practice Din Acharya, daily ayurvedic self-care as you rise with the sun. You will learn about grounding asana practice, restorative, yin and classical tantric asanas. Guided massage practices will be offered, and connection to the earth as found in classical yogic texts + other traditions.

During the water element, you will still the waters of the mind with Buddhist yogas and meditation instruction from the Nyingma tradition. Enjoy daily practice of vinyasa flow, with an emphasis on the lunar quality and classical surya namaskar, deepening your knowledge of these asanas. You will will expand your practice of inversions learning how to float through your daily asana classes and posture clinics with grace.

You will learn to perform yogic fire rituals, study the bandhas and kumbhaka practices of yoga, and cultivate inner heat. The yoga will focus on strength and core, learning the art of power vinyasa sequencing and core work in a way that is aligned with classical yogic principles. 

Journeying into the air element, you will rise with the practices of Sri Vidya, ascending into Shakta Tantra. Students receive instruction for their daily practice of the Kalavahana, a tantric empowerment ritual. Further, you will learn to draw the Sri Yantra, learn about the deities contained inside this ancient diagram, and study the history of this Goddess tantra tradition. 

You will master the art of intuitive teaching, learning how to teach/practice yoga from a place of inspiration, and incorporate other forms of sacred movement into your classes.

Ending in the element of space, you will study the poetry of Kabir and meditate on emptiness. You will find what it means to discover your own practice, your own path, and your own truth as teachers, and as human beings.

The teacher training includes your delicious cuisine, accommodations and course manual.


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