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300Hr Multistyle Yoga Yoga Training

Thailand - 11 days
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This 300hr Yoga Teacher Training program is based on the development of qualities of the heart such as simplicity, love, kindness & compassion representing one of the spiritual hearts of South East Asia. You will benefit from an extensively developed and holistic curriculum which is a product of years of dedication and love to yoga.

This Yoga Teacher Training is taught by a team of experienced senior yoga teachers, each of them specialized in their own area, rather than a single teacher teaching all subjects.

The school embraces Yoga, Tantra, Taoist, Buddhist values and modern science research as part of the yoga teacher training course in Thailand, whilst maintaining a non-dogmatic and open minded approach, as foundation pillars of the school. The facilitators believe that life is for learning, but also for celebrating therefore they offer a fun, relaxing environment where learning and celebration go hand-in-hand.

This Yoga Instructor Course offers a free Yoga Internship to teach yoga asanas at the school (optional), for those graduated students who would like to deepen their yoga teaching skills plus gain access to all regular yoga classes in the school for a lifetime.

The cost of this course includes

36 Days of instructions in 6 weeks

1 vegan meal a day

42 days of accommodation

Certified Yoga Alliance diploma

and Free Access to yoga classes and activities of our Awakening & Healing program for a lifetime*


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