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300Hr Holistic Tantra Teacher Training

India - 2 days
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This school offers an authentic training program in the magical hills of Dharamshala. This school carries forth a traditional tantric yogic lineage and also incorporates new insight and different practices to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to the ancient art of yoga.

The 2 level 300 hour yoga teacher training India focuses on a Restorative and Integrative approach in Yoga Therapy Essentials which can then be shared with others as a complementary holistic healing method. The course is open to graduate students with a prior requirement of a 200-hour training certification.

The yoga teacher training course is a complete, powerful and transformative program involving conscious breathing and movement, where students will learn through the techniques and through the postures, to understand how recovery and restoration happen at different levels, how the body movement distributes the pranic – vital energy throughout the body. Tantric meditation and visualization, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga, are all explored to provide physical, mental and spiritual alignment.

During this 200hr teacher training, the teachers will be sharing the importance of bringing ancient yoga into the here and now with the power of an alive philosophy, studying, exploring and experiencing the meditations as well the life, work and teaching of yoga. You will be studying the scriptures- Agamas and Bhairava Tantras and how to guide into Dharana and circle of meditation.

Included in the rates are tuition fee, teacher training manual, cleansing tools (Neti Pot and Sutra Neti) for Kriya practice, and herbal tea twice a day.


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