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300Hr Ashtanga Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

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Nestled in the spiritual centre of the yoga capital of the world, this 300-hour training is an advanced course that will allow you to strengthen your skills.

Evolving further into the spiritual world, this training creates a platform for you take a step ahead into yogic vistas and to intensify your bond with yourself.

You will follow a well-rounded curriculum, focusing on Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Mediation. Advanced and intermediate postures will be taught and you will learn how to refine the asanas learned in the 200-hour training course.

You will also focus on specific teaching techniques and further develop your knowledge of mudras, pranayama and meditation. Kundalini and Iyenger yoga will be introduced.

Overall, you will head home with a greater understanding of the profound connection between yoga and spirituality and how to relay this to a classroom.

You will have the chance to explore the area and let the Indian culture and tradition forever inspire and permeate your teaching style.

Take this opportunity to go trekking, rafting, or sight seeing in the lush mountains and impressive Himalayan temples. Your package includes accommodation, meals, course material and your Sunday excursions.For the longest time, Rishikesh has been the starting point of many spiritual journeys of people from all around the world - and today, Rishikesh has become The Yoga Capital of the World and also known as home to many spiritual men or sadhuds in their ashrams.

This holy city has become as a favourite destination for peace seekers through yoga and meditation, adventure lovers, nature lovers and culture explorers visiting vibrant places of spiritual and cultural importance.


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