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300Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Indonesia - 28 days
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This is a unique training with a highly skilled, senior yoga teaching team, who provide their participants with authentic, high quality tuition, based on depth of experience.
The main focus of this 300hr teacher training is to provide students with the required skills to teach safely and comprehensively to all levels & conditions of the individual students and to encourage awareness of how the tools and techniques of yoga can bring about inner transformation.
The challenging nature of this course offers the opportunity for optimum growth and evolution, self inquiry is the essential tool for this, this process that requires change is not always comfortable.
The aim on the 300 hour Teacher Training is to offer participants first hand experience of immersing oneself in yoga every day, in a conducive environment, learning new skills to refine and deepen ones knowledge, while living a yogic lifestyle for optimum health and well being.
Participants will be observing Mauna (Noble silence) for periods of time throughout the 4 weeks of the Yoga Teacher Training enhancing a deep sense of inner peace and calm, promoting the ideal internal environment for self awareness – enlightened wisdom.
This training is dogma free and takes participants to the Heart of Yoga. It offers a comprehensive, intensive and practical training for teaching yoga on a deeper level by expanding one’s knowledge in specific areas of Yoga.
The team welcomes experienced practitioners who would like to further their skills in teaching yoga and also experienced yoga students who would simply like to deepen their own yoga practice and knowledge.
Package rate covers accommodation, full tuition fee, course manual and vegetarian breakfasts.


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