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3-Week 200-Hour Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Bali - 20 days
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This is a course of integral evolution, and invites you to journey towards the very roots of classical Yoga. The cornerstones of the teachings are energy-based classical Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, spiritual heart meditation, and the non-dual wisdom of Advaita Vedanta.

During this training you will be introduced to a sequence of 38 classical postures, which combine the traditional static holding of poses with the dynamic flow of sun salutations. To introduce the full scope of Hatha, the syllabus also incorporates purification techniques, breathing exercises, and meditation.

The practice is framed by the study of yogic philosophy, fundamental scriptures, subtle energies and chakras, and the state of consciousness. The course is structured in a coherent way to enable beginners and advanced practitioners to obtain a comprehensive overview.

The dedicated team of professional teachers translates the wisdom of the Yoga tradition into accessible modern language. The aim is to take the Yoga off the mat and integrate it into daily life. The full-time training stretches over a 4-week period.

The first half builds up a solid foundation of theory and practice, and the second half focuses on the development of teaching skills. The small group size (30 students) allows for personalized interaction, individual support, and an intimate, family like atmosphere.

The inspiring teachings and the intensive practice have the potential to trigger profound changes, making this Teacher Training Course a unique experience.

The cost of the training includes


airport pick up

stay incl 21 nights (check in is course start day, check out 1 night after graduation)

breakfast & lunch is served on all course days (Monday – Saturday)


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