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22 Hour Yin Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

USA - 3 days
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Indulge in the experience of yin and restorative yoga to truly deepen your practice both physically and spiritually. 

During your days you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself by tapping into the subtle energy body in the poses. You will loosen your joints, clear toxins, and by relaxing the active mind you will find greater ability to connect with your intuition. 

Within the asanas you will learn grounding meditations and visualizations to improve health and balance emotions.

This course will give you the knowledge and experience to conduct safe and enjoyable yin yoga and restorative yoga flows. Through the time spent with the facilitators, you will learn the dynamics, history, and philosophy of yin and restorative yoga. 

You will learn the foundations of yin yoga giving you a clear understanding of the basic science, as well as the general application of, and general alignment within, yin and restorative poses. 

You will cover topics such as the properties of the five elements through the asanas. You will come away with the ability to teach this to your students in an engaging and loving way. 

Through personal experience, lecture, interactive discussion, and asanas using props you will come to understand the deep transformation possible through these forms of yoga. 

The cost of this training includes 8 nutritionally balanced breakfast and lunch smoothies with everything you need to recharge and do a mini-detox with 3 nights stay in the beautiful retreat center.

Includes 30-minute clearing and relaxing complimentary massage, 1 soothing complimentary acupuncture session, multiple yoga classes, resort style pool and hot tub, free community yoga in the park on Saturday morning, yoga classes, sun and fun on the beach, free bikes to tour around to outdoor cafes, restaurants, galleries and boutiques, and of course the beach.


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